The ideas, and the technique for these pieces began to be developed in the summer of 2011 while still working in the studio in Dublin.

They are made from Paper Clay.

The earliest pieces: the plain white ‘Grid House’ forms were exhibited in the Glasnevin Museum in 2011.

For images of this work, see the ‘Grid Houses’ gallery on this Site.

After moving to London, and settling into the Vanguard Court Studio in Peckham, Henry Pim took part in the ‘Water Land’ exhibition at Waterways Ireland Visitor Centre, Dublin, in 2012.

The three pieces for this show were made in Vanguard Court, and were acquired from the show by the Museum of Northern Ireland, Belfast.

More recent pieces in this series are colourfully glazed, larger than before, and are exhibited on specially made back-lit wall shelves.

This new work was shown in September 2014, during the IAC conference in Dublin, at Gallery Zozimus and at the NCAD Gallery.

The sculpture ‘Pleated Filter. Pink/Brown. 2014′, was acquired by the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, in 2015.

A feature article about this recent work will be in the Re-launch issue of Ceramic Review , published on April 13th 2015.